About Angry Shark: Miami


He's skinny, he's cruel, and he's got a ferocious temper to boot! In Angry Shark: Miami, you're going to find yourself in the middle of a gigantic feeding frenzy!

Why is he acting like this? Although we can't say for certain, it's probably due to the fact that he's starving to death right now. Oh, and there's a little army of law enforcement officers out to get him as well! In this wild enraged Shark installment, the huge, enraged guppy devours The Magic City. Angry Shark: The Magic City.

He is going to stuff his nearly limitless stomach with tons of fish, a few private aircraft, and, well, pretty much anything else that comes within one hundred yards of him. Just be wary of all those deadly mines and helicopters belonging to the law enforcement. His appetite is going to be completely destroyed by those! Will you be able to assist the shark in transforming the entire city into his very own personal smorgasbord before a group of obnoxious humans send him to the "Great Big Chum Bucket in the Sky?"

In addition, there are achievements that can be obtained and extra characters that may be unlocked by the player. Find out what takes place when the shark's even more irate aquatic companions travel with him to Florida for his vacation.

How do you play the Angry Shark game in Miami?

This game of sharks is one that you can really get your teeth into! Join forces with the Angry Shark as he makes his way across Miami consuming everything in sight. Observe his blood pressure meter as well. If he runs out of money, his business will fail!


  • Left Arrow to swim backward.
  • Right Arrow to swim forward.
  • Up Arrow to swim or jump.
  • Dive or pull a plane with Down Arrow.
  • Spacebar to bite things.