About Apple Worm


Apple Worm is a challenging puzzle game. Your objective is to help the worm eat the apple to increase the length of the body and pass the level.

This is a brain teaser game. You will help the green worm pass the screen by using the “WASD” keys to control or use the arrow keys to move. Initially, the worm has a length of 2 or 3 pieces depending on each screen. In order to pass through various twisty terrains, its body length must be enough for it to cross, otherwise, it will fall down. That means you can not pass the screen. Eating red apples is the only way to lengthen the worm. However, the different twisty terrain also creates many challenges. You have to find a way for the worm to pass. After eating the apple, you have to control the worm's body to overcome the small black round door to another level. Press the restart button to be able to return if you get stuck. There are a total of thirty levels for you to try. Brainstorm to help the cute green worm. Play in full screen to feel the game better. Wish you success to pass all levels smoothly.

Features of Apple Worm

  • Single-player.
  • Can be played on full screen.
  • There are 30 levels with increasing difficulty for you to try.
  • Cute pictures, eye-catching colors, funny sounds.

How to play

Use “WASD” keys or arrow keys to control.