About Ball 8 Pool


Ball 8 Pool is a ball shooting game with extremely beautiful and realistic images. the color of the billiard balls are extremely shiny and attractive.

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Game Info

The game is modeled after the actual billiards game. The match takes place between 2 opponents with levels from easy, medium to difficult. After starting the first turn, each side will show their snooker number. Hit the billiards with the opponent's number into the hole to win.

How to play Ball 8 Pool?

To perform a strike, aim with the mouse, then hold and drag to pull the cue back. Release the cue to hit. The farther you pull, the stronger the hit will be.

Choose the right target, to see the direction of your ball and subsequent balls after impact. Look for the lines to predict the movement.

You can add some English to alter the movement of the cue ball by clicking the aim icon. Experiment with it.
See Help for more details on the rules and mechanics of the game. Enjoy.

Some bonus points you can get

  • Double Strike: pocket 2 balls in one shot and score +500
  • Chain: Pocket a ball after hitting at least 10 other score+500
  • Triple strike: pocket 3 ball is one shot score 1500
  • Leman's shot pocket 2 balls with an opening hit score of 2000


Manipulate your mouse to perform the best billiards shots