About Birth By Magic


Bloodborne and Madoka Magica served as inspiration for the brutal browser-based magical girl hack-and-slash game Birth by Magic.

Play as the girl to become a female knight capable of destroying evil enemies to make the world peaceful. With the sword in hand, control flexibly when enemies appear, and attack them. Each different enemy will bring a different strength. Dodge enemy attacks. Pay attention to your heart, it can help you recover and go back to fighting that day.

You will like this art style and this gameplay. It is a bit too easy to just abuse a certain strategy, however; You were able to deal with almost all the enemies just by running and then doing a heavy attack speed and lightning.


Vivid anime images

Space is always expanding


  • Z to attack
  • C Recovery
  • Use to Arrow to move
  • jump with the arrow button above

Controller Supported. Press E to turn off effects if experiencing a slowdown.