About Brain Test


Brain Test is an interesting puzzle game. Play this game to solve hundreds of challenging puzzles and collect as many gold wheels as possible.

How much is IQ? Are you really intelligent as you think? Tap to play this amazing puzzle game now to test your IQ. In this game, you have to solve hundreds of challenging puzzles and level up. The higher the level, the harder the puzzle. The time is unlimited, so you can spend hours finding an answer to each question. Use the hint to get a suggestion of the game whenever you get stuck. Skip a question if you still cannot find out the right answer. You will get many gold wheels and 3 chances to open the treasure chests after winning a level. Try to guess to open a chest which contains a cute pet. 

Come on! Click to play this puzzle game now and have fun! 

Features of Brain Test:

  • Hundreds of challenging puzzles
  • A collection of cute pets
  • Colorful graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play;

Use the mouse to play