About Bus Parking Simulator 3D


Bus Parking Simulator 3D is a bus control game. The body of the car is quite big and bulky. But the control is not too complicated. Be confident!

The game includes 5 languages for you to choose from: English, French, German, Russian, Turkish. You can participate in modes from easy to difficult. Learn the game you will have extremely interesting experiences here.

The rules of Bus Parking Simulator 3D

Bus control

In the game, the route the bus passes through will be quite narrow, quite complicated. The time the vehicle is allowed to move again is too short. Take the time well to bring the bus back to the specified place. Around the road through there will be countless obstacles such as chops blocking the road, other vehicles parked everywhere, etc. If you accidentally bump into them you will lose.

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How to play

  • W-Go forward
  • S-Brakes/Reverse
  • A-Turn left
  • D-Turn Right
  • Space-Handbrake
  • V-Change Camera