About Butterfly Kyodai


Butterfly Kyodai is an incredibly enjoyable game in which you have to connect two butterfly wings of the same kind to complete the butterflies and level up. 

Are you bored of matching animals? Why don’t you try playing Butterfly Kyodai to match beautiful butterflies in the garden? It must be an interesting experience. Match 2 identical butterfly pieces to revive colorful butterflies and then they will flay away from the board. The time is limited, so you have to use your quick eyes and fast hands to remove all butterflies before time’s up. Use the hint or reset button to help you pass the level more easily if you are unable to continue on. Attempt to get the highest possible score and complete all levels in this game. 

This game is suitable for any age to have fun after a hard day 

Features of Butterfly Kyodai:

  • Many levels with different degrees of difficulty
  • Easy to play
  • Colorful graphics and listenable music tunes

How to play:

Use the touch control or the mouse to connect the butterfly wings