About Candy Pop


Candy Pop is a candy matching game. Pay more attention to the game. The candies have the same shape and color. It's too easy to spot their similarities.

Discover the Candy Pop game

The Rules of Candy Pop

Move the candies. Swap their positions, and combine them to get rows of 100% identical candies. Repeat the same operations over and over again so you may have more surprises while collecting them. Special candies will appear. Special candies will give you great special destruction effects. Let's explore these destructions together!

The fun in the game

The gameplay is too simple. You can tell as soon as you enter the game if you have played through similar game genres. There are many candies with different types of candies. We can see purple moon candy, color chocolate candy, red heart candy, orange square candy, etc. There are many kinds of candies. Their image is that we cannot help but think of their sweetness.


Use your mouse to swap the candies.