About Casual Checkers


Casual Checkers is an amusing arcade game. In this game, you must be the last person left on the chessboard by making the opponent's pieces disappear.

You will have to beat all the pieces of your opponent controlled by the computer. Twenty-four pieces are divided equally between you and your opponent. Each player will have four rows of chess, and the pieces are placed in the dark squares on the chessboard. You will be the first to start off. At the beginning of the game, pieces can only move diagonally forward if they are not blocked in front of and must be in dark cells. This rule also applies to the movement of the pieces during an opponent's turn. This rule also applies to the movement of the ones during an opponent's turn. You can jump and capture an opponent's piece if your piece is diagonally adjacent to that of the opponent by moving two squares in that direction as if hopping over it. 

There are some caveats when jumping and catching pieces. First, the cell you jump to must be an empty cell. Next, if you have a chance to jump over and catch the opponent's pieces, you have to do it. If the position you jump to gives you a chance to jump and capture pieces then you must continue until you can no longer capture any more ones.

Features of Casual Checkers: 

  • Single-player.
  • Utilizing five hints to win.
  • The game helps players develop their thoughts because it is quite strategic.
  • Three levels including Easy, Normal, and Hard 
  • Can change the themes of this game and the colors of the pieces.

How to play: 

Use the mouse to control.