About Catwalk Girl Challenge


In the Catwalk Girl Challenge, emerge as the top supermodel. Select appropriate attire and footwear before proceeding to the finish line to compete with other models.

Play this game right now to start your career as a supermodel. You must amass appropriate clothing and footwear along the route if you want to be a model. Additionally, don't forget to collect as many hearts as you can. After that, proceed to the finish line to compete against the other girl. The judges will assess each entry and assign the proper ratings. You will have triumphed if your score is higher. In contrast, you will lose if your opponent scores more points than you do. Try your hardest to win so that the prince can propose to you for marriage.

This game has a lot of levels. Complete them all, and attempt to walk the runway like the best model possible to become the best.


• Bright 3D graphics

• There are several levels to finish

• Thrilling and compelling levels