About Chain Cube 2048: 3D Merge Game


Are you ready to exert yourself? Chain Cube 2048: 3D Merge Game is an addictive game for individuals who appreciate challenging brain teasers and logic puzzle merge games. Unbelievably, lowering the number is much simpler than reaching 2048.

An whole new method of playing the well-known number puzzle game! Currently with crazy-fun 3D physics! The cubes won't stay there if you haven't been able to integrate the cube number blocks; instead, they'll fall realistically and collide with one another.

Don't attempt to hide it—we know you can't get enough pleasure from playing 2048 games! Download Chain Cube 2048, a simple yet very addictive number merge game, without hesitation. You must drop the number blocks in order to finish the 2248 puzzle bounce merge and score the highest possible!


  • Number games are easy to learn but tough to master.
  • Drop the number to unlock the 2048 cube.
  • By matching the numbers, make new number cubes.
  • There are no time constraints in Bounce Merge games.
  • Slick, straightforward control cubes
  • Fun 3D physics merge puzzle game 2248
  • Stack blocks to reach 2048

To test your brain by solving 2048 riddles in number games, have a look at the gameplay of the 2248 puzzle, which is really simple:

  • To shoot and hit the identical-colored number block, aim precisely.
  • To fire and hit the number block, use the same color and number.
  • Combining the blocks will cause them to merge and bounce off one another, producing a cube with the new number.
  • Play continuously until you reach 2048!

But why stop there? To get points and set records, add up the numbers! There are no restrictions. You can keep reducing the number in this 2248 puzzle game while striving to get a 32M cube in the bounce merge game.

Prepare yourself for the 2248 Puzzle's stunning graphics, simple gaming controls, and fascinating 3D physics! Combine numbers to earn points and cool chain cube skins! It's a lot of fun to play with eastern eggs, animal cubers, and even impostors!