About Chicken Love


Chicken Love is a love game for 2 lovely yellow chickens. Take control of our golden chicken musketeer. Rescue the chicken princess from this imprisonment.

The yellow chick is very sad about being held captive by the green goblins. They are extremely cruel and refuse to let her go. She is in dire need of help. Please free her.

Explore the game

Collect items

Let's collect as many green stones. Destroy all green monsters and you will save the chicken princess. Remember to destroy them all. If there are any green youkai left, your rescue will fail.

Besides, you will get a limited number of moves in each level. For each move, you will be deducted. Until this number of moves is exhausted. If you've run out of moves but you still haven't completed your mission you won't be able to pass that level either.


  • Help you realize the effort to win love through the game
  • Nice graphics with 2 mini chicken characters
  • Know the direction when attacking


Use your mouse to play the game, Chicken Love