About Command Strike FPS


The brand new first-person shooter game online in 3D and ready for multiplayer is called Command Strike FPS. This means that you can go and test your shooting skills against other boys and men from all over the world, with the world, designs, and mechanics being inspired by Counter-Strike Games, as well as Battlefield, Call of Duty, and other games!

In the unblocked version of the first-person shooter game Command Strike, you must shoot your way to victory.
Try out the Missions mode, which includes three distinct maps, if you want to compete against the computer on your own.

  • Pool
  • Alleway
  • Industrial

Spend the money you gain in the game (which is symbolized by gold bars) in the Arsenal, where you may buy new weapons and armor for yourself as well as upgrades for the ones you already have.

It is highly recommended that you play more in the Multiplayer mode, as this is what the majority of people here test out. You can also play it in three different forms, which are as follows:

  • Free for All: It goes without saying that everyone shoots everyone else in this mode, so eliminate your foes and make it to the end!!!
  • Team Deathmatch: eliminate the other team to win.
  • Capture the Flag: penetrate enemy territory, steal their flag, and return to your base to win.


To prevail in the game of Capture the Flag, you must first penetrate enemy territory, then seize the opposing team's flag and return it back to your own home base.

Navigate about with the arrow keys on your keyboard, use the mouse to aim and fire guns, press G to hurl grenades, press H to use the first-aid kit, use C to squat, press spacebar to leap, and use the scroll wheel to switch weapons.

I hope all of you virtual troops have the best of luck, that you have the most fun that you possibly can, and that you stick around to check out the many more incredible games for guys that are still on their way to you here and right now.

How should one play

Use WASD, space, mouse, G, H, C.