About Crazy Boat Adventure


Crazy Boat Adventure is an adventure on a cute mini yacht. Many challenging pitfalls are always waiting for players on canals and zigzag rivers.

For the first time, virtual boat races were performed on Crazy Boat Adventure game. All obstacles can occur whenever. The weather may change, and the water on rivers may fluctuate to make your boat waves farther or vice versa.

Time to participate in the game

Despite everything to promote your water motorcycle to win the game. Show your talent and great riders to control the boat away from the pitfalls set up such as holes, pirate ships, electric fences, and rocks,... Will die and return to the starting point. There is a lot of money on the track, please collect a lot and you can use them to upgrade your boat and other power.

The spirit of comfort and joy brought by the game is extremely surprising after the moments of studying and working tired. You deserve this joy!

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  • PC or Laptop

Click to move

Or use two left and right arrows to move.

  • Other smart devices

Click on the screen