About Diamond Rush 2


As a classic format in the world of online gaming, one we would always dearly make have an even bigger presence here, Diamond Rush 2 is here for all of you who wished to play more awesome matching bejeweled games on our website. We know for a fact that there are many of you in this situation out here!

Play Diamond Rush 2 right now online!

You must use the mouse to swap neighboring diamonds in order to create horizontal or vertical groups of three or more identical gems in a row, removing them to get points and filling up the bar.

On each level, you must finish filling up the progress bar before the allotted time for the stage expires; if you don't, you lose. It's best if you can match more diamonds in a single move!

Keep an eye out for exceptional diamonds and elements, as they will create waves and explosions that will destroy many gems at once and aid you even more. Success and pleasure!

How to play

Use the mouse