About Dino: Merge And Fight


Dino: Merge And Fight is a game that simulates fighting dinosaurs. Joy is everywhere! With moments of relaxation, you will find joy in these dinosaurs.

Primitive battle simulation game. The visuals between battles will bring you many new things. Take your free time to join us.

Rules of this game

As long as you spend a very short time learning, you will find that playing the game is easy. The simple formula is to choose the same pairs of dinosaurs, primitive people, … and match them. Raise the ranks with more stars. Their power will grow stronger as the number of stars is increased.

Your mission in the game

Your team will be blue. If you have already set up your blue army, then actively attack the red army. When the attack is over if the red piece is still there we are out. The conclusion for you is that you have lost.

Strategy of the game

Want our blue army to increase quickly and stronger attack power. You should simply have a lot of gold coins to upgrade the number of your warriors. The advertising viewing method is the best choice. Create your smart strategies!


Use your mouse to create your primitive army.