Description is a fun io game. In this multiplayer game, your task is to describe keywords with pictures so that players can guess and guess their keywords.

In this game, you will test your drawing skills and guess keywords. You will join the game with many other players from around the world. Besides, you can also create a private room to join your friends. The turns will alternate, you either guess or draw for others to guess. If it is your turn to draw pictures, you will get the keyword at the top of the broad. Draw pictures to describe the keyword as clearly as possible so that other players can guess them. You will use the drawing tools in the lower right corner of the screen. Tools have brush, eraser, fill bucket, trash, and undo. Let's make drawings out of them. After the drawing turn, you will guess other players' keywords based on their pictures. The time will count down for you, the keyword box will show you how many characters the keyword has, and the keywords' letters will appear gradually when the time is up. Guessing the keyword will help you get more scores, leading among the players in the room.

Features of 

  •  Multiplayer.
  • Two tasks that you have to complete are drawing for players to guess keywords and guessing keywords of other players.
  • You can play randomly with other players or create a private room to play with friends.
  • Sign in with your Google account for more interesting experiences.

How to play: 

Use the mouse to control.