About Draw Tattoo


Draw Tattoo is an exciting arcade game in which you become a tattooist to serve customers. Try to get satisfaction from your customers to collect gold coins.

Welcome to the world of tattoos where you will transform into a tattooist to draw various shapes for your customers. This job seems easy but it is more challenging than your thought. You need a steady hand to make beautiful and precise strokes. Pay attention to every detail of the drawing and paint it in the right color. The more you draw like a model image, the more money you get from customer satisfaction.

This game has tons of different tattoos. Express your abilities through all the challenges of this game. Pay attention to the paint color to draw correctly. Besides that, you can choose from 3 different nibs: small, medium, and large.

Features of Draw Tattoo

  • Colorful graphics 
  • Various levels with many different images
  • Simple mechanics

How to control

  • Slide your mouse to play the game.