About Draw the Coffee


Draw the Coffee proves why drawing puzzle games are so popular of these games are created all the time, but of course we make sure that only the best of them get later on shared with you on our website, where we want to make sure that you only play the cream of the crop, as the cream typically goes in coffee. Draw the Coffee is a game that will show you why the structure of puzzle games that incorporate sketching is one of the best and most enjoyable types of games there is.

Just how good are you at drawing the coffee?

If you're playing the game on a mobile device, you'll need to keep your finger held down on the screen in order to fill the cup with the liquid that comes from the press. If you're using a computer, you may do this by pressing and holding down on the screen with your mouse button.

If you lose too much coffee, instead of three stars, you might receive two or one, so try to concentrate and strive for three out of three on each level. If the cup is filled to the needed amount, you win; however, if you lose too much coffee, you might not win at all.

Make use of your mouse to draw lines all over the screen in such a way that the coffee will reflect off of them, sidestep barriers, and arrive to the cup in the most direct and accurate manner possible.

You should now be aware of what to do and how to accomplish it; therefore, you should begin the game immediately and stick around for more of our fantastic material to come; it is impossible to make a mistake with it.

How to play?

Use the mouse.