About Drive Mad


Drive Mad is a thrilling 3D driving game where players navigate a treacherous road. Drive Mad's mission is difficult since players must drive a truck at great speed on a chaotic track while avoiding hazards without flipping it. This game will test your control skills with spectacular stunts and inventive obstacles. Players must maintain speed to finish safely. Your truck's huge wheels will make obstacles easier to overcome at first. But soon it will easily flip your car over. The flip can break your car. Players can drive a different vehicle in each level to avoid getting bored driving the same truck for 100 levels. Finish all levels and finish first!
Drive Mad (Fancade) is a fun game that tests patience. Martin Magni, an exceptional game developer, produced it: "A geek made games. He matured and attempted "important" things. After failing, he makes additional games! ". Drive Mad is one of over 100 Google Play and Quest games and challenges. This Drive Classic-based game features 100 levels (which only has 15 levels). Drive Mad attracts all ages. It can be used on desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablet computers.

How To Play

  • Drive Mad is easy to play, but you have to pay close attention to the track so that the truck doesn't flip over. Be careful!
  • Press W, D, X, or the Up arrow, Right arrow, or Mouse click to move forward.
  • Press S, A, Z, or Down arrow, Left arrow to move backward.
  • Always remember that if you flip your car, it will break and you won't be able to drive it anymore.

Who created Drive Mad?

Martin Magni from Fancade is the man behind the creation and development of Drive Mad.