About Farm Hero


Farm Hero is a game to rescue farm animals. Flood waters rise. The farm animals are in danger. Rescuing them is the priority mission for the time being.

Continuous rain day and night. The storm raged around the farm. More and more water is entering the farm. No one helped the farmer save his cattle. Let's quickly save your friends to help the farmer!

Instructions for this game

You will get the animal connection diagram at the start of each level of the game. Let's connect them again like the original given figure. Drag and move the animal in the desired direction. Repeat until all animals are connected. Animals slide in the direction you push them. Make sure the connecting lines match the pattern.

A small note in the game

During the connection process, if you do not remember the diagram, pay attention to the connecting wires in each animal. You will get exactly the same arrangement as the sample diagram thanks to this.

Time in each level also has rules. Do not neglect to observe this. While you are forever absorbed in the train of thought to solve the level, you may end up leaving time behind. Pay special attention!


Use the mouse to control the position of the animals