About Fill In The Holes


Fill In The Holes is an exciting puzzle game in which you have to fill in all blanks with the same number of boxes or fiels to complete the level.

Welcome to the interesting arcade game where you can enjoy fascinating moments to relax and entertain! This game has simple mechanics, easy controls, and classic graphics, but enjoyable gameplay. Therefore, there is no reason to not play this game in your free time to get rid of boredom.

It can be easy to master this game. Your task is to fill in all blanks in the playing field by field. However, the number of fiels must be equal to the available number. For example, if you see a 3, it means 3 boxes around this number have to be filled. This game seems challenging at the beginning, but it is completely intriguing when you grasp the rules of the game.

Features of Fill In The Holes

  • Simple mechanics and easy controls
  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Various levels with different puzzles
  • Complete daily challenges to gain rewards

How to control

  • Use your mouse to play the game.