About Forgotten Treasure 2


In this Forgotten Treasure 2 game, you must combine jewels to smash barriers. Free puzzle levels to complete. Enjoy this interesting puzzle game now! There are various settings where you can experience thrilling adventures, gather treasures, and assist the deer in recapturing the holiday spirit by decorating the Christmas tree! In addition to undertaking adventures, you can also complete seasonal packs that require you to gather various elements in order to craft the most exquisite artifacts. And if you just want to unwind, you may play in arcade mode without any restrictions, collecting crystals, setting records, and competing with your friends or the entire world!

Characteristics of the Match-3 puzzle Lost Treasure 2

  • Excellent graphics and sound!
  • There are a ton of logic levels!
  • Several crystal settings for every preference!
  • A variety of prizes and adventures!
  • Many difficulties!
  • Many extras!

How to play

How this game works The rules of 3 games are easy: move and match jewels, get 3 in a row, make bonuses, and beat all the challenges. There are more than a thousand levels right now, and that's not even close to the end! Some of them really make you think!