About Fruit Juice


The admin team of our website can assure you that this new Fruit Juice should be a game that you check out because you will see that you can actually have a great time in here, and that's just when you take a look. It's possible that when you search for Fruit Juice games, a game like this one won't be the first game that comes to mind or you come across.

We wish to offer you to try making numerous different varieties of this beverage simultaneously in the brand-new, thrilling game Fruit Juices. You will see a platform with multiple slices of various fruits lying on it in front of you on the screen. You can see sharpening pins in the opposite walls on each side of them. Two glasses will be placed at the bottom of the screen, and each one will have a label indicating which juice belongs in it. You'll need to roll a piece of fruit with the mouse so that it rests on the pin and juice spills out of it. You will score points for filling the cups with drink by carrying out these procedures. Enjoy your time here as usual, and be sure to explore the other alternatives on our website.