About Get It Right


Get It Right is an exciting arcade game in which you have to guess position of balls with different color to arrange them into correct holes.

Welcome to the world of colorful balls! In this game, you can experience great feelings through simple mechanics, eye-catching graphics, cool art animations and various levels. Start Get It Right to enjoy the superb arcade game!

Your mission is to guess demands the inclusion of the ball's color and location in order to be successful. Do you think you'll be able to figure it out when there is no hint? Please try to guess the correct answer as many times as you possibly can in the time allocated to you! After you guess correctly, you can proceed to the next levels with challenging missions. The next level is more complex than the previous level because it has more ball, more position and more challenge.

Features of Get It Right

  • Exciting and fun gameplay
  • Simple, but challenging mechanics
  • Various levels
  • Colorful graphics and cool art animations

Release Date

  • May 27, 2021

How to play

  • Tap to play.