About God of Light


God of Light is the final version of the game that won awards and has been played by more than 15 million people. The Remastered Edition has remastered music by UNKLE and all-new HD images that work with how light moves.

God of Light is a game that will make you rethink the physics puzzle genre with its unique gameplay of exploring the environment, its amazing images, and its exclusive soundtrack made by electronic music legend UNKLE.

Help the cute character of the game, Shiny, save the world from the coming darkness. You can play through many exciting game worlds and dozens of levels with puzzles that will blow your mind. To turn on the Sources of Life and restore light, you must traverse game levels and find things that reflect, split, combine, paint, bend, or teleport light energy.

Rules in God of Light

The objective of each level is to direct the beam of light emanating from Shiny, who is a sun, all the way to the source of life, which is a machine that provides power to a planet. Shiny needs your beams to arrive at the source first, and you do this by rotating the mirrors in order to direct the light beam from Shiny to the source.

You may move your beam around with the mouse, and you can rotate the mirrors as well. While you're doing these things, you should aim to do them in such a manner that you also hit all three stars along the way, so that you can earn three stars for each level.

This game has a lot to offer in terms of fun gameplay, so what are you waiting for? Get ready for a trip you won't forget. Turn into the God of Light!


Playmous is the company responsible for developing God of Light.


  • Unlock your goals and tell your friends about them.
  • To direct light rays, you can use mirrors, prisms, splitters, collectors, black holes, and filters.
  • Find creatures that glow and can help you solve problems.
  • Get regular updates that let you explore new game worlds and levels.
  • You can play 150 levels in 6 different game worlds.


Use the mouse