About Gold Mine


Gold Mine is an intriguing puzzle game. In this game, you have to use a pickaxe to throw at the same blocks to remove them. Destroy gold blocks to earn money!

Welcome to the world of arcade games based on the puzzle theme. Coming to this game, you will transform into a miner with a pickaxe as a tool to complete your mission. Your mission is to throw your pickaxes at blocks with the same color to eliminate them. You only can clear blocks when there are more than two same blocks lining together.

However, your income comes from gold blocks. Only gold blocks bring you money. Besides that, some special blocks also help you increase your profit like the normal blocks with gems inside. 

In this game, you have to use your own strategies to collect as many gold blocks as possible. The game has various levels with unique missions. You need to overcome a certain number of block additions to proceed to the next level.

Features of Gold Mine 

  • Exciting and fun arcade game
  • Simple mechanics and easy control
  • Various levels with different missions
  • Collect gold blocks to earn money

How to control

  • Click your mouse to play the game.