About Hangman


Hangman is a fun puzzle and arcade game in which you have to guess a word and select a suitable alphabet. If you guess wrong, your character can die.

Are you confident with your vocabulary? Join this game to test yourself with lots of different vocabulary questions. This game offers different themes for you to choose from, including animals, body parts, countries, fruits, kitchen tools and play hangman with girl names. Choose your favorite topic and start the game.

Your task is to guess the correct word given by the game. There are no clues other than the number of letters in the word. It may be difficult for you but it is also very interesting when you experience this game. Note that for each wrong letter choice, your stickman character will be drawn on the gallows-tree. When the character drawing is completed and you still haven't guessed the word, the game is over. Conversely, if you guess correctly, you can switch to other words. Good luck!

Features of Hangman

  • Exciting and fun gameplay
  • Simple mechanics
  • Various topics and words

Release Date

  • Mar 03, 2021

How to play

  • Mouse click.