About Impossible Box Rush


Impossible Box Rush is about to become one of the best new hypercasual puzzle games you can play right now on our website. This game is very interactive and packed with action, and if you want to succeed, you'll need to think and act together as there are a total of thirty levels, each of which is more challenging than the one before it.

Will you be able to finish the Impossible Box Rush?

You control a box in each level, which you may move around with the arrow keys. Your goal is to get the box to the finish line intact, which requires you to avoid all of the traps that have been placed in your path because tripping over them will cause you to fail that level.

Simply put, make sure to gather them from the course before you reach the course's end if you want to earn 3/3 stars for each level.

As with all of our games, we wish you the best, and because the day has only just begun, more fantastic games are on the way, we kindly ask you to stick around for more enjoyment.