About Journey of the Mouse


About Journey of the Mouse

Journey of the Mouse is a really fun adventure game, so don't miss out on the chance to have a great time and use your brain to get through the levels. Another cool thing about this Journey of the Mouse game is that if you choose the boy mouse, you get to play as a boy, because you can choose a girl mouse to play with as well, will be able to talk to you throughout the game.

This is just one of the many reasons why we, the administrative team of the site, are so excited But this is not a game about cooking with Remi or anything like that rather, it is a simple adventure game in which you have to lead the mouse through all of the levels of this ability game.

How to play

In this Journey of the Mouse, your objective is to get a mouse to the exit of a maze without it getting caught in any of the potentially lethal obstacles or bumping into any of the walls. To complete a level, first you must collect all of the individual bits of cheese, and then you must obtain the large cheese.

This will not be an easy task because the levels will become increasingly challenging due to the obstacles that are placed in your path. However, make it a priority to acquire as much cheese and as many points as possible. Good luck!


  • Use the mouse to move
  • P to pause