About KittyGram


KittyGram is a puzzle arcade game in which you have to arrange cat-shaped squares to fill the playing field and proceed to the next levels. Play with cute cats!

Do you like cats? Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. Each family takes care of cats because of their adorable appearance, lovely personalities, and friendliness. Now, your cute cats appear in this game, KittyGram, where you can improve your tactical thinking while relaxing and releasing stress.

In KittyGram, your mission is to drag and release blocks with the cat picture to arrange them in the correct place and create a complete playing field. The mechanics are so simple and easy to control. This game features 8 degrees of difficulty with 72 levels each, for a total of 576 games. Can you overcome all levels? Start and show your abilities!

Features of KittyGram

  • Interesting puzzle game with cute cats
  • Simple mechanics
  • 576 levels with 8 degrees of difficulty

How to control

Drag and release blocks to place in correct positions.