About La Casa de Dora


La Casa de Dora is a game about cute little Dora. The girl is very smart. Let's tour her house together. Discover the secrets inside the house!

Her house has 3 rooms and a large garden with many flowers and fruit trees. The flowers are always happy when she comes.

Explore the rooms

Room 1

Dora's mother is working in this room. There will be many twinkling stars in this room. Find them. Then, try playing with some of Dora's toys here.

Room 2

This room is quite messy. Come to the first wardrobe. There are many beautiful dresses here. Wear them and take some pictures. In the bag hanging on the bed there may be some stars inside, Find out all around the room we will return and go to the next room.

Room 3

This is a beautiful kitchen. It seems that Dora's father is here. Dora's dad can guide her to some delicious dishes.


Finally, explore Dora's garden. There are many tree seeds here. Sow the seed, fertilize, and water it so it grows quickly into cute and pretty flowers.

Wish you have happy moments with Dora. We will both accompany her and have fun at the same time. Extremely helpful!

How to control this game?

Use your mouse to play simple games with Dora