About Laser Cannon 3


Logic puzzles were initially published as collectible books before computers were created, and they were initially thought to be somewhat boring. Because there was little public outcry over such collections, they were not very popular. However, how was this form of entertainment recognized when computer games first appeared, when the same difficulties were provided to the player but were cleverly woven into an interesting story. You won't be able to resist playing the free Laser Cannon 3 game if you think about an exciting scenario. It belongs to the group of toys that use logic.

The Laser Cannon 3 is the main piece of equipment utilized when playing online games; it looks like a cannon and fires a laser beam. It's excellent that you are armed with such reliable weapons because you work in a true hell with thousands of demons.


Video game Laser Cannon 3 In spite of the fact that the characters in the video game Laser Cannon 3 seem endearing rather than dangerous, they must be killed. The laser can cut through a thick metal chain, and you were given a sizable installation for it. In order to bring down the stone slab that was held up by a large chain of anchors and crush the demon that was underneath it, this was necessary.

Your hunts will be unpredictable and fierce due to the obstacles and hiding places that each level of the underworld has for its inhabitants. You have to get to every horned creature in the Laser Gun level in order for it to be marked as finished.

  • Direct cannonfire at the monsters.
  • Their heads should have large plates broken off of them.
  • To slant the beam the other way, use bounce.
  • 016 Accelerating the tank
  • Destroy partitions and fields that are protected
  • Technique: Impact
  • Get points and stars.


  • WASD / arrow keys = move the laser cannon on its rail
  • Move mouse = aim
  • Left-click = shoot laser
  • Hold left-click = shoot power laser