About Lovely Ant Escape


Lovely Ant Escape is a funny puzzle game in which you have to solve many complicated puzzles and help the lovely ant successfully escape from the room.

A lovely ant has lived happily in an abandoned ancient castle. One day, it was trapped unexpectedly in a hidden room. Can you help to save it? Your duty is to walk around the palace and solve various cryptic puzzles on the door, walls, pillars, and anywhere. All of the puzzles are really tricky. Therefore, you have to be patient and use your memory and logical thinking to do puzzles. Don’t forget to collect many hidden items and keys to unlock the door of different rooms in the palace. 

This game is a perfect fit for escape lovers. Click to play Lovely Ant Escape now! Have fun!

Features of Lovely Ant Escape:

  • Various tricky puzzles
  • Multiple rooms and doors
  • Splendid 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play:

Use the mouse to play