About Merge Harvest


There are many interesting products to construct in this Merge Harvest game! Combine new things, finish a variety of tasks, and follow the story! You can expect plenty of exciting quests and adventure! Set up your playing area, gather supplies for building repairs, and produce food-related plants including fruit and vegetables. You can speed up production by upgrading your buildings, and you can gain bonus slots by upgrading your storage. To earn energy and cash, gather uncommon things and open chests.


  • Unlock more than 250 distinctive artifacts for use in more than 1000 tasks.
  • Eliminate the deadly thistle from the area and restore BakerTown's entire building stock.
  • To produce the materials required to restore buildings, process wood, stone, and clay.
  • Produce a variety of foods by growing your own fruits and veggies and obtaining milk, eggs, and fish.
  • Upgrade your structures to increase production, and your storage to gain access to free slots.
  • Discover the secrets of this welcoming community.


See what results from merging three identical items!

  •  Merge three or more elements on the field to create new items;
  • Explore uncharted areas;
  • Trim weeds from the field to make it weed-free;
  • Gather the available resources and rebuild the houses;
  • Get to know the locals by cooking their preferred meals!