About Mighty Party


Mighty Party is a cool new strategy game in which you have to place your fighters in a smart way to beat the enemies. You have to put your figures on the grid where they fight. The skills and strength of each character are different.

The goal is to beat the main enemy at the other end of the area

You must also keep yourself safe from strikes from the enemy. There are many different kinds of characters. The first kind is the melee characters, who hit from close range and run toward the enemy. Magic and archer characters shoot enemies from behind, but their health is smaller.

Attack damage is different for each character. If you win a fight, you will get money and more experience. You can buy many things at the store with the money. You can improve the heroes you own by using the experience you earn. You can make your deck look the way you want it to by dragging any of the heroes on the bottom to your deck. The more leagues you are in, the more cards you can hold.

When you level up a character, their stats will go up by a certain amount. Most of the time, it increases the damage of their attacks, but it can also raise their ultimate health. When you win a match, you might also get a chest that you can open. Inside, you might find money, experience points, or hero cards that you can use to improve the heroes you already have.

There are many places in the world to see. There is a mode called "journey," in which you go on a trip and fight enemies along the way. In the journey mode, you can finish many different places. You can fight golden statues and the philosopher's stone at the gold mine to get a lot of gold coins.

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Use the mouse