About Millionaire Trivia Quiz


Millionaire Trivia Quiz is a challenging puzzle game in which you have to think carefully to answer 15 questions to win up to one million dollars.

Are you a big fan of Who Want To Be A Millionaire? Do you want to join this international famous program? Before deciding to join or not, you can play this game to test your knowledge first. In this game, you have to answer 15 questions with varying degrees of difficulty. Question 5, 10 and 15 are known as milestone questions. If you answer incorrectly question 5 incorrectly, you will lose with no reward. If you can’t answer questions 10 or 15 correctly, you will drop way back down to the prize value for questions 5 or 10. Try your best! You have only 30 seconds. Be quick! However, you must think carefully before giving a choice because there is no turning back. 

The game offers you 3 main lifelines including 50:50, Asking the audience, and Asking an Expert. Use them wisely. 

Do your best to earn as much money as possible. Use the money you earn to invest in some enterprises like a bar, club, restaurant, mall, and so on to get a profit.

Features of Million Trivia Quiz:

  • 15 questions with different degrees of difficulty
  • Many enterprises to invest
  • Daily rewards
  • Excellent graphics and an original soundtrack

How to play:

Use the mouse to play