About Money Rich Lover


Money Rich Lover is a money collecting game. Then you can become a rich and famous character. It is a difficult process to climb to the top of glory.

Life is not always easy. Not everyone can be born a celebrity, rich and famous. It all depends on our efforts and hard work from our hands. The future of the character in the game depends on you.

Discover the riches in the game

You will start with your character. Her situation is not very good. She will conquer her dream of becoming rich. On her way, there is a lot of money. Let's collect them all. Besides, there will be other obstacles such as dangerous stairs, thorns, traffic signs, drainage pipes, ... they will make your character spend a lot of money. The only method is to use the money to go through them.

A few temptations for the character

On the way to wealth, there will be countless other temptations that will probably make you more successful but also vice versa such as books, and briefcases, .. they are the reputation for wealth. , they will increase the money for the character. In contrast, other evil temptations such as shopping, gambling, games, etc. will reduce your reputation and spend a lot of money. Choose the right path to become the most successful character.


Use the mouse to control the character in the game