About Mosquito Smash Game


Mosquito Smash is a game to kill mosquitoes. In an office that works, mosquitoes breed more and more. Let's get rid of these annoying mosquitoes.

The Staff every day comes to the office to work in an active and enthusiastic mood. But the mosquitoes don't spare them. They are always humming in their ears the sounds and noises that make them extremely distracting when working. Not to mention that they will bring potential pathogens. Smash the all mosquitoes and save the staff.

Game Rules

Methods to kill mosquitoes

The first level will appear with 2 mosquitoes flying around the office. At that time, our 2 employees are also moving respectively. Kill the mosquitoes before they get close to the staff. When they reach them, they will be killed and you will lose.

Tips in Mosquito Smash

As the number of mosquitoes increased, the number of employees also increased. Makes your control easy to get tangled up. Calm observation and analysis. Prioritize the mosquitoes closest to the employee. The number of mosquitoes will become less and less. In turn, you will control all.


Use the mouse to kill mosquitoes and complete the game