About Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures


Play this incredibly entertaining solitaire card game, "Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures." Join Mr. Bean in this amazingly fun game of solitaire. When Mr. Bean fell and hit a ship off the coast of America, he was practicing for a selfie from the top of London's Tower Bridge. When he opens his eyes, he discovers himself in New York, where his solo adventure begins. Travel throughout the country with him in our brand-new solitaire card game and experience the ambiance of cities like New York, Honolulu, San Francisco, New Orleans, and many more.
Mr. Bean is in New York City in the entertaining solitaire card game Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures.
The initial stages consist mostly of tutorials. There are more than 200 levels. Will you be able to help Mr. Bean complete each level?
As always, good luck and have fun!


Tap or click on the cards to properly arrange them in ascending or descending order. If you have one, you can match a three of clubs with a two of any suit or a four of any suit.
To stack cards, press the left mouse button.