About Not yet


Not yet - In keeping with the theme of the game, it demonstrates the fortitude of a guy who, despite his advanced age, is still energized.
In this pixel art boss rush, use the strength of your old bones to defeat a number of evil spirits.
Swing your trusty cane around and show them that you still have the energy of a young man!
Each level's difficulty will steadily get harder. The game's rules are rather straightforward. Find the wicked spirits' spots of weakness and exterminate them. Don't forget to pay attention to how much of the character's life is lost in each game level.

Each level is a different answer. Only when you find a way to overcome the material world, you are an old man, full of bravery and courage. Go ahead and don't be afraid


- Arrow keys/WASD: Move around, Jump

- Left Control: Swing your cane

- Enter: Start/Restart

Tools used

- Unity 3D

- Aseprite

- FL Studio