About Papa's Bakeria


Papa's Bakeria is a bakery management game of the Papa Louie restaurant time-management series. Serve customers and learn to be a professional salesman!

Welcome back to the Papa chain! In operation from 2006-2016, the Papa's chain has a 10-year-old brand tradition. We will share with you the game that has attracted a lot of players around the world. Besides, there are many other games with this chain of stores:

Let's get on with your work. Complete the task excellently. You will see the attraction of the Papa game series.

How to play Papa's Bakeria?

Served at Papa's Bakeria

You can choose your service staff:

  • Male (Timm)
  • Female (Cecilia)
  • Create a customer worker: This mode allows you to create your own character. Name the character as you like. Choose a male or female character. Next hair color, hair style before and after. Also skin color, lip size, mouth, hair...

Your dream job

First day at work, get to know this first guest. Get their orders. Staff will start recording requests from customers. Fulfill orders for customers. Review the order and follow the required materials. From choosing the color of the crust, nuts, fruits... When enough ingredients are put into the oven, wait until the cake is cooked. Next comes the stage of decorating the final ingredients for the cake such as caramel, banana, and chocolate chips, .....

After finishing, you will deliver the order to the customer and they will rate your satisfaction with the score they give you. Grow further in your dream job.


Use your mouse to make cakes and serve customers