About Papa's Taco Mia


Are you ready to play one of the most exciting free online Papa Louie Games? Then Papa's Taco Mia is the place to go. With sixty badges to unlock and a ton of awards, you may find yourself playing Papa's Taco Mia more than any other Papa Louie game.

How to Play Papa's Taco Mia Online

Papa's Taco Mia only has three areas, which is less than other Papa Louie games.

You ask everyone at the Order Station what they want to eat. Check this as often as you can to see if there are any new people.
The meat is cooked at the Grill Station. You also choose what kind of meat and shell they want in their tacos.

All of the toppings and sauces come together at the Build Station. It even lets you throw the whole thing away if you know you messed up the taco so badly that it can't be saved.

Don't let the smaller number of stations fool you. Still, you have to make the best taco possible while mixing the sauces in the build station.

At the start of the game, the player wins a race to see who can eat the most tacos. You win money that you can take home, right? Well, it's a Papa Louie game, so of course you'll have your own shop.

It's another day in Tacodale, and either Mitch or Maggie wins the taco-eating contest and gets the keys to the shop, based on which character you choose. Unlike other games, this one shows clues about the opening scene, such as the customers, the time, and the fact that each day brings new customers. You will also see hats, weekly pay, ingredients that you can unlock, and even a food reviewer!

Papa's Taco Mia Tips

Papa's Taco Mia is one of the more difficult Papa Louie games because it can get very hard very quickly. Take a break from the game if you feel like it's too much, but don't let it get too much.

Start making changes as soon as you can. This is one of the best ways to keep the game from getting too hard. Do not just use the cheapest changes you can get. If you need to save for a day or two more to get the most important one, get that one instead. If you already know how to check the order station, you don't need a buzzer.

Taco Mia!


Use the mouse.