About Phone Case DIY 2


Phone Case DIY 2 is a game to design phone cases. This is the first and easiest way to make your own custom phone case. you will get very special phone cases.

Smartphones are familiar items and play a huge role in our lives. Because of the value that smartphones bring, using a protective case is something that everyone does. There are many different types of phone cases on the market for you to choose from, from colors, and designs to designs that are very diverse. However, if you like the unique you can design the back cover for some of the characters in this game!

Phone Case DIY 2 game is very interesting

Tonight is her sister's birthday party. So she asks you to design her a beautiful shimmering case for her to go to the party.

Type 1: Plain Case

- Choose the shape of the case you want to design.
- Spray glue all over the surface.
-Spray your favorite paint color.
- Dry the paint layer.
-Select the image you want to print.
-Spray paint into the mold
-Beads, stickers, logos with colorful maker trees, and other accessories...

Type 2: Popit style case

The operations are similar to type 1. But there is a difference in this type of case that you can press the popit buttons for entertainment.

Type 3: Case with embossed design

The operation is similar to type 1. There will be one more step when designing this type of case that will have a few floating images on the case. You will inject colored water into this image. To make it more sparkling.

Enhance your own aesthetic while playing the game. Who knows, you might become a great designer in the not too distant future.


Use the mouse to design the case