About Pinball Mania


You are invited to play Pinball Mania with these well-known Cartoon Network characters right now and here. Even if playing classic tabletop games isn't typically your thing, we're confident you'll have a blast if you do so with these characters. The We Bare Bears main characters have become addicted to it.

Let's play We Bare Bears Pinball Mania together!

The pinball course is situated on a beach that leads into a forest, where you can shoot bears that will roll up into balls at various trees, targets, bushes, and other objects. Your score increases as you hit more targets.

Use the right and left arrow keys to send the flappers back when they are about to fall into the water after coming down, preventing them from doing so and earning more points. Play again when they hit the ground, trying to score more points each time.

The only thing left for you to do now that the rules have been established is to enjoy yourself. We also hope you'll tell as many of your friends as you can about this game; we can assure you that they won't regret giving it a try.