About Plants


Plants is a highly addictive arcade game. Your mission is to grow different plants in front of your house to fight against many dangerous monsters.

In this game, you have to grow many plants in front of your house to protect the house from dangerous monsters. You are offered many plants with different functions. The splash flowers are extremely important as they can produce energy. Try to collect as many strikes as possible to purchase more plants. Because these flowers can’t fight, you have to grow green defence plants. These plants can shoot down the monsters. Besides, olive nuts help to block the enemies’ way. Dragon fruits will explode the opponents. You can use them in case of emergency. The corpse flowers can eat all rivals near them. The blue grapes can slow down the speed of the enemies up to 50% for 10 seconds. Try to arrange the plants reasonably to kill all monsters in the shortest time. You can use a shovel to remove plants. 

This game features 10 levels with varying degrees of difficulty. Do your best to complete all of them to protect your house. Come on! Click to play this game now and have fun. It will hook you for hours to play.

Features of Plants:

  • A variety of plants to grow
  • Many enemies to fight
  • 10 levels with different degrees of difficulty
  • Simple controls
  • Colourful 2D graphics and catchy music

How to play:

Use the mouse to play