About Save The Girl Game


Save The Girl Game is a game about a girl who is always in dangerous situations. She is always upbeat. Always look for every opportunity to get out.

The character in this game is an unlucky girl. She has always encountered many pitfalls in her life. But any deadlock will eventually have a way out. All adversity very easy to discourage people. Only you can free her. Solve all the answers and save this little girl.

Rules in the game

Danger is everywhere

Somehow the girl could be caught in a large forest and tied up there. The girl is looking for ways to return to her peaceful life. The main genre of the game is rescue. That's why danger can come from everywhere. The situations you may encounter will be tied hands, hanging legs, blocking the way to the finish line, and meeting prehistoric carnivorous dinosaurs, ...

The solution to pass the levels

Each level will have 2 rescue options offered. Some of them can be found to be extremely logical. But on the contrary, there will be solutions to the rescue that is sometimes quite strange. Something like the girl who can eat a tree to have great power to break the whole rock, or some rescue plan you may not expect. It's a carnivorous dinosaur that can be knocked down by a camera,.....

The girl's adventure will be carried through even the developed cities of today. Your timely rescue will help her a lot. Anyone of any age will be able to complete the game excellently. Because it's so easy!


Control the mouse to rescue the girl