About Slime vs Ninja


Slime vs Ninja games use heavy weapons. Fight or play 2D side-scrollers. So many trials mean hours of fresh adventures. Cartoon and nasty ninja levels for everyone. Swords, nunchucks, and chainsaws defeat enemies. Warrior-like, stealthy night attacks!

Slime vs Ninja games have action, adventure, conflict, and stealth. Sneak past opponents, slide under obstacles, and punch using your keyboard! Follow each game's instructions to win. Most warrior games have no learning curve, so you can fight like a pro and strive to beat hard levels! Ninjas have several options.

Fighting between life and death

Your ninja character will move from left to right, and the slime will be difficult to defeat. Each slime has a number, and you must hit it with the ninja stars as many times as the number specifies to kill it.

With each slime you defeat, your ninja character will be able to throw ninja stars wherever he is on the screen, but you must hit the stars in places where they can hit multiple slimes at once to finish the challenge faster and get the highest score. Have fun!


  • Simple graphics but surely you will be addicted after playing for a few minutes
  • Practice quick calculation skills to achieve victory
  • The character is extremely flexible


Use the mouse