About Snow Fun


Snow Fun is an artificial snow antlers game. The cute green character is always hard at work. Help them finish the job quickly to avoid the cold of the winter.

What is Snow Fun?

Winter is coming, snow is everywhere. The snowy roads are very inconvenient for everyone when traveling on the road. Your task is to control the blue character to clean the layer of snow that is deposited on the ground.

The layers of snow removed by the character will become larger and larger snow rolls. Focus on the house in the middle position. That is the area where you can bet on snow. There will be a bar notifying the amount of snow that has been collected. It is green. When this notification bar is full, you will pass that level.

Work will become easier

Upgrade your snow antler tool many times to make snow antler work faster. Or upgrade the snow gauze speed many times to shorten and save more time. The task will be repeated in this manner until the end of the game. You can play a few other games in your spare time on our site:


Use the mouse to antler the snow and complete the game