About Stair Race 3D


Stair Race 3D is a game in which you must run to the finish line at the fastest speed. Complete bridges with the same color as your character.

In this game, the competition is extremely fierce. Various colorful stick figures will fight fiercely to steal the ladder pieces together. Whoever has the most ladder pieces will have a higher and faster chance of completing the ladder. Time is very precious. It will mark your highest glorious position!

How to play to finish first?

A few tips to win

Each person will have a different ladder method. Most of them collect some and then run out to make ladders. Then go back and continue. Then we can have a little trick which is to look and estimate the pieces of the ladder and pick up as many pieces as we can. Then will only build 1 time and do not need to return to get more. This is a great time saver.

There is a small question here if your number of colored ladder pieces is not enough to get 1 ladder built. While waiting for them to reappear for so long, what should we do? Simply run to other colored stick figures and bump into them. They will fall the ladder pieces will fall and become colorless. Now, hurry up and pick them all up. They will turn into your colors. Now the number of ladder pieces was too much. Let's build a ladder to go to glory!


  • Various colors stimulate the player's eyesight
  • Simple but very addictive for all ages
  • Increased judgment and flexibility


Control the mouse to pick up the tag and attack the opponent.